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As a main contractor, RE&RE provides a wide range of services and management and implementation of professional processes and operations. As a construction company, RE&RE has accumulated considerable experience in erecting buildings for various purposes as well as in reconstruction and renovation/restoration of historical buildings. By widening the range of the services the company provides, RE&RE has started and continues to implement infrastructure and water management upgrade projects of various scale and complexity.


The Open Olaine Prison Resettlement Centre - a Safe and Modern Newly Erected Building

Today, on 5 October, upon participation of the highest level officials in the area of justice from Latvia and Norway, as well as representatives of the construction company RE&RE, Olaine Prison Resettlement Centre was officially opened. The addicts centre in the total area of 3792,4 m², will ensure valuable involvement of persons, who are addict to narcotic and psychotropic substances, in the resettlement measures. Construction costs constitute EUR 4 448 595.92, 85% out of which consists of funding from the Norway Financial Fund and 15% - co-funding of the Latvian state budget.

RE&RE – among the winners of industry"s professional competitions “Latvian Construction Industry Annual Award 2015” and “Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2015”

In this year both industry’s professional competitions brought together a record number of applications for various nominations, competing for titles of the best building of the year. Among receivers of awards also the qualitatively constructed and completed, magnificent and technologically complicated construction objects of RE&RE were widely represented.