Large-Scale Reconstruction and Dzintari Concert Hall Resumed

Construction Company RE&RE has resumed reconstruction and restoration works at the Small (indoor) Hall of the Dzintari Concert Centre. Works were suspended, when the active concert season started in June. Construction works shall continue until the May 31, next year, when the next season starts, and shall be resumed for final stage after the end of the season. All works shall be completed by the end of 2014.

RE&RE commenced the construction works in the historical building designed by architects Viktors Mellenbergs and Aleksandrs Birzenieks on October, 2012 by marking and dismantling the elements to be restored, by preserving the historical wall paintings and also preparing to the construction of the new basement. In accordance with the initial schedule RE&RE has completed reinforcement of the wooden support structures, external insulation works and wooden cladding of the façade with boards (both historical and new).

Now, at the beginning of the second stage that will continue until the May 31, 2014 RE&RE  installs the new titanium-zinc roof cover and external utilities. Most of the works at the basement are almost complete, erection of partitions continues. In accordance to RE&RE Project Manager Ervīns Koncevičs ‘upon completion of the construction works Dzintari Concert Hall will have unique transformable floor, so far the only one in Latvia. In accordance with the needs of the event the floor can be transformed in different forms. It may be placed horizontally as the dance floor or sloped, thus forming  an amphitheatre towards the stage. The transformation of the floor is controlled electronically using control panel’.
The works of restoration of the historical wooden interior and elements thereof shall take place all through the winter. They shall be performed by 20 restorers, and already in the following weeks all the reconstructed and restored doors and windows shall be installed to provide conditions for the work in the wintertime. It is also planned to install the heating system the building never had.

‘The 2013 season of the Dzintari Concert Hall has come to an end, and the RE&RE project team has started its work at the next as important stage of the reconstruction and restoration with new energy. I am confident that all the further works will also be performed as planned and according to the schedule to the schedule’ elaborated Ainārs Pauniņš, the Chairman of the Board of RE&RE.

Svens Renemanis, Chairman of the Board of Dzintari Concert Hall, in his turn emphasised that ‘owing to the professionalism of Construction Company RE&RE in preparing the area of the Concert Centre for timely start of the concert season, the Dzintari concert Centre has experienced yet another resonant summer abundant in musical events. We are satisfied with the cooperation and the pace of works, and we are confident that our Small Hall is in good hands’.