Time Capsule Cast in the Foundations of Rēzeknes College

Today, on June 12, on the site of the new Engineering Faculty of Rēzekne College (115 Atbrīvošanas Avenue) the time capsule with message to the next generations was cast in the faoundations. Implementation of this project will integrate into single area and space all the buildings and faculties of the College. The event was attended by the Principal of the College Edmunds Teirumnieks, Chairman of the Board of RE&RE Ltd. Ainārs Pauniņš, Director of the State Education and Development Agency Dita Traidās and teaching staff and students

Memorabilia included a message with the signatures of all the present, newspaper of the Rēzekne College RA Dialogi, and 1 Lat coin.
As announced before, RE&RE in the beginning of this year commenced the works at the 4.2 ha land plot located 115 Atbrīvošanas Avenue. The works shall be executed in 2 stages and they shell be completed in March, 2014. The 1st stage involves construction of par of the building of Engineering Faculty (most part of the lecture-rooms and laboratories, library, administrative premises and technical rooms) and implementation of the area planning solutions – construction of new parking lots for the new building, construction of pedestrian, vehicle and search and rescue routes, and lanscaping. The 2nd stage involves construction of the rest of the lecture-rooms and laboratories of Faculties of Engineering and Economics and Management, assembly hall, refectory, printing house and technical premises, as well as landscaping improvements of the area.

In accordance with the design the finish of the building consists of three types of materials – high quality glass systems, wood specific to Latgale architecture and concrete. New multi-functional building is built in the heritage site protection area. Construction design provides for preservation of the nearby trees, some of them with diameter exceeding 40 cm.

To this day the contractos has performed site mobilization, excavation of construction pit and has commenced concrete casting works. The construction of external utilities shall be commenced shortly.

As stated the Principal of the Rēzekne College Associate Professor Edmunds Teirumnieks: ’The construction of new Faculty of Engineering is a step towards more rapid development of the Rēzekne College, it is an investment in improvement of infrastructure and provision of possibilities in science. It is important for Rēzekne College as one of the founders of the Consorcium of Latvian Technical Universities and Colleges to become the leading centre of engineering sciences in Eastern Latvia. The most important prerequisites for achievement of this goal are strong intellectual potential and proper infrastructure for scientific research. The new block of Engineering Faculty is a proof that Rēzekne College is becoming a centre of innovation on regional and international level. We hope that this building will become basis for success stories of many young people from Latgale and Latvia, who will chose to study at Rēzekne College.’

Ainārs Pauniņš, Chairman of the Board of RE&RE: ‘Today we have laid a corner stone of the craddle of the new engineers, the place, where the perspective specialists of construction trade will grow and improve themselves. Our team consists of the best engineers, whose work is appreciated not only by out clients, but also the specialists of the field, as proven by many awards. I am truly pleased that by the implementation of this project we indirectly foster the development of the construction field and growth of the new specialists.”

Project is implemented as a part of the ERDF project Construction of New Building for the Engineering Faculty and Laboratories of Rēzekne College, Procurement of Equipment (No. 2010/0117/3DP/