Ambitious restoration and reconstruction works in Riga Castle continue.

After the extensive reconstruction works of Riga Castle structures and construction of new utility networks, intensive restoration and finishing works are continued in the castle-front of Riga Castle.



Currently, renovation of the White Hall gypsum formation and decorative finishing works of ceiling walls are close to completion in the castle-front of Riga Castle. Within a month restoration works in the Ambassador Accreditation Hall and finishing works in the Hall of Coat of Arms will be finished. In its turn, restoration of the Festival Hall will be continued until the autumn.

The castle has witnessed extensive reconstruction of historic lighting chandeliers and restoration of furniture of the historic interior. In the Ambassador Accreditation Hall restoration of the decorative paintings on the walls and ceiling continue.

In this spring improvement works in the garden of the castle-front and the courtyard of the castle were resumed. Currently, 70% of works have been completed in the castle-front of Riga Castle.

Completion of restoration-reconstruction works of the castle-front of Riga Castle and Eastern wing, and putting the object into operation is planned by 1 November 2015.

Reconstruction works of Riga Castle are performed by the general partnership SBRE, which is constituted by companies Skonto Būve Ltd and RE&RE Ltd.