Construction of outer wall and facades in site of Stradini hospital block A is commenced

General partnership “SBRE” has resumed construction of the stage 1 of state joint stock company VAS „Paula Stradiņa klīniskās universitātes slimnīca” block A in full amount. Erection of over-ground structures is accomplished already; thus, installation of outer wall panels and façade will be commenced this month.

In the new buildings of Stradini hospital – block 1, 2 and 6, outer wall panels are being installed currently; afterwards, glass façade will be installed. In addition, erection and casting of atrium bridge connecting three blocks of the hospital and carrying structures of slab is being performed at the moment.

Valdis Koks, the Project Manager of general partnership, discloses that the coordinated schedule of construction works provides for rather tough work process; therefore, the amount of employees is being increased constantly. “Today, there are more than 160 people working on the site; and, more than 30 of them are engineering personnel. We plan to increase the number of employees to 400 people depending on the technological process. Additional quality inspections and labour safety control is being provided.”

As it is known, on 7th July, after averting of all defects and visit of experts of the Riga city Building Board in the site, “SBRE” received permission to resume construction works in full amount. The required averting of defects went on smoothly and without any complications which is confirmed by record in the construction log entered by the Building Board pointing out that “the given instructions are followed” and “stated defects are averted”.