Corner Stone Laid for State Revenue Service HQ

Today, on March 27 at 1.00 p.m. construction of the State Revenue Service Headquarters was initiated by symbolic laying of the corner stone of the building.

Baiba Fromane, Chairman of the Board of the developer SIA „Biroju centrs Ezerparks” at her speech emphasised that despite the fact that initial contract raised several questions in the society and despite its complicated history that requires particular attention, today, after several years of work and successful negotiations with the investor, contract conditions for the state are favourable. She expressed determination to ensure that the building becomes an example project in Latvia not only in terms of quality, efficiency and sustainability, but also in regard to public information and transparency.  The contract with the construction company provides that contractor has to disclose all subcontractors and construction costs.

Nellija Jezdakova, Director General of State Revenue Service, accented that unified location of the State Revenue Service Riga staff would benefit everybody. That would reduce the administrative costs of the institution and improve working conditions thus facilitating and acceleration the cooperation between departments, benefiting the taxpayers, who will have better service.

Jānis Norde, the architect of the building from the Bureau „Sarma & Norde Arhitekti” accented that this project from the point of design has been extremely laborious – the design process was extensively time-consuming and thorough, design includes many state-of-the-art solutions that have been profoundly thought of and debated. Nevertheless, the hard work would bring also substantial gains: building will have one of the Baltic Top 3 data centres, the operation cost of the building will be substantially lower, several thousand employees shall have comfortable workplaces, but thousands of clients – convenient and easily accessible modern building.

Ainārs Pauniņš, Chairman of the Board of the Main Contractor SIA „Re&Re” finalized the event by saying the following: “Despite the fact that the project is not especially challenging from the construction point of view, we have to take into account the strict requirements of the State Revenue Service in terms of security and technological systems. Design includes several solutions that would ensure energy efficiency and sustainability of the building, including: cold accumulation tanks, maximum possibilities for the use of natural lighting. Also the construction process itself has been designed to accommodate the principles of sustainable construction practice, and the construction would, as far as possible, rely on the local construction materials. Besides that there are also measures taken to reduce nuisances and disturbances to local residents and local environment, for example, especially considerate pile driving method would be applied.”

According to the plan the new administrative building at 1 Talejas Street would house more than 2000 employees from the 14 different departments of State Revenue Service now scattered across Riga, it will also have spacious and convenient service centre. The building shall be completed in 2014. The developer of the project is SIA „Biroju centrs Ezerparks”, designer – Arhitect Bureau „Sarma & Norde Arhitekti”, main contractor - SIA „Re&Re”, funding is provided by „Nordea” Bank.