Dzintari Concert Hall Ready for the New Season

Construction company RE&RE has completed the 1st stage of reconstruction and restoration works of the Small Hall of the Dzintari Concert Hall as planned. The works were completed before the start of the 2013 season, and already in June 12 residents and guests of Jūrmala could enjoy the first concert. The extensive construction works in the historical building designed by architects Viktors Mellenbergs and Aleksandrs Birznieks shall restart in September and will be completed by the end of 2014.

Restoration and reconstruction works in the historical building started by dismantling and marking the components to be restored. During the restoration RE&RE artisans conserved the historical wall paintings to be restored already in the next stage of works. The most capacious works were the building the new basement – at the depth of 5 metres there were a total of 1200 square meters constructed . According to the design, after the completion of the construction works the area will contain artist make-up rooms, amenities, rehearsal halls and other technical rooms. There was also a basement constructed under the existing historical building.

By this day RE&RE has completed reinforcement of the load bearing wooden structural elements , most of the heat insulation and façade finish by boards (both original and new) . We have repaired all of the load bearing roof structure and laid most of the new titanium-zinc roof . The landscaping of the garden is completed to allow guests of the concert hall to enjoy cultural events without facing any nuisance.
RE&RE has always appreciated and supported culture and art; therefore it was particularly important for us to complete this project stage within the due deadlines to avoid disturbing the schedule of Dzintari Concert Hall Summer season. In cooperation with the Dzintari Concert Hall we have taken all the necessary measures to create a new, comfortable and secure entrance to the concert garden. However, until full completion of the project there are still a number of things to be done, which shall have our full attention in autumn, so that already by the end of next year we can celebrate the new birthday of this building of culture heritage,” said RE&RE Chairman of the Board Ainārs Pauniņš.

“Even though the Small Hall undergoes a reconstruction, the Dzintari Concert Centre shall have a very active concert season with an excellent repertoire. For the first time it will host a festival of TV show “Comedy Club”. It will also host such popular festivals like “Ballet Stars in Jūrmala”, “Singing KiViNs”, “The New Wave” and “The Summertime”. Also a number of popular musicians and actors in Latvia will celebrate their anniversaries with new concert programmes that can be enjoyed in person at the Dzintari Concert Hall – Ieva Akurātere will perform with the band “Pērkons” and legendary actress Olga Dreģe will celebrate her 75th anniversary with a concert. Also the solo concerts of Intars Busulis, Igo and Marija Naumova will take place. On July 12 there shall be a concert by the Russian National Orchestra lead by conductor Mikhail Pletnev, whereas on June 20 Baiba Skride, the most distinguished violinist of Latvia, will show her exceptional skills. The concert season this year at the concert hall shall start with the Midsummer’s Eve celebration concert on 22 June,” Svens Renemanis, the Chairman of the Board of the Dzintari Concert Centre shortly summarizes the schedule.

During the next construction stage starting in September it is planned to complete the installation of the new roof cladding, external heat insulation and façade finish. The works to be performed include installation of a heating system that has never existed in this building before. This stage also includes partial installation of the internal utilities and installation of all the external utilities as well as the start of the restoration of the historical interior of the building.

Watch construction process online.