Final construction operations in Dzintari Concert Hall to continue this autumn

According to the schedule of the construction operations, the construction company RE&RE expects to complete the Stage 2 reconstruction and renovation works in the Small Hall of Dzintari Concert Hall in order to start the new season of concerts in the stage part. The construction work in the Small hall will be suspended for the warm season. The final construction works in the historical building (built according to the design of architects Viktors Mellenbergs and Aleksandrs Birznieks) will continue in September, after the active season of concerts.

The building was erected in 1936 and is a national architectural monument. The construction operations in it began in October 2012. According to the plan of the construction operations, renovation and installation of the façade planks of the historical wooden building as well as the installation of the renovated windows and doors have been completed. Painting of the façade of the Concert Hall has been commenced, and these works will be completed after the routine break. The construction of the new titanium zinc roofing has also been completed. Large volumes of work have been performed to renovate the historical wooden interior and its elements, and these works will also be completed after the routine break. Several wooden interior elements (including cornices, pillars, caps etc.) as well as the ceiling in the stage and the west-side foyer zones have been renovated until now. The historical plywood wall panels and the inner doors have been renovated, and their installation will be completed in the autumn season of the operations.
A new café pavilion has been built, and the interior and utility installation works in it will continue after the concert season. The improvement and greening of the territory has also been partially completed. The construction of the internal and external utilities, including the ventilation system, the power supply system, the heating system which the building never had before, as well as the water supply, sewerage, and fire-extinguishing systems have been completed in the entire building. The interior finishing and plumbing installation works will be continued after the concert season.
"Thanks to the construction of the ventilation, power supply and heating systems, we shall be able to use the concert hall for culture and art events not only during summers, but throughout the year. Furthermore, it will have a transformable floor and an automated seating system for 492 spectators, which will be unique and the only of the type in Latvia today," tells Project Manager Ervīns Koncevičs.
The opening event of the summer season of Dzintari Concert Hall will take place on 6 June.

Main information about the facility
• Total project costs:  11.5 million Euros.
• Post-reconstruction room area: 2,435.4 m2.
• Post-reconstruction area of the newly built basement: ~ 1,200 m2.

The author of the design is the architects' bureau "Jaunromāns un Ābele." The design solution includes preservation and renovation of all items of cultural and historical value. Visually, the building will remain exactly as it is, but two new pavilions will be erected. The pavilions will be built adjacent to the current ticket offices and joined to the building of the concert hall via the basement and a new, glass-panel passageway instead of the current pergola. Each of the pavilions will have its own functionality. One will be the entrance vestibule with its main entrance from Turaidas Street. The other pavilion, which will house a café and a restaurant, will be inside the territory. A passageway will be provided between the two pavilions, so that they are isolated from each other. After the renovation and reconstruction, the Small (closed) Hall of Dzintari Concert Hall will be available for use throughout the year and become a considerable contribution to the enrich the cultural life in the city.