Installation of Permanent Roof Structures and Roofing Completed

JSC "Valsts nekustamie īpašumi" (State Real Estate, SRE) and the partnership "SBRE" inform that the large-scale installation of the load-bearing roof structures and the roofing of Riga Castle has been completed. The façade renovation works are currently in their final stage. The interior works, which are being performed extensively in all the premises of the official residence of the President of the State, will continue throughout the cold season

The last scaffolding above the new roof of Riga Castle was dismantled at the end of October to complete the six months of continuous work in order to reinforce the load-bearing structures, reconstruct and construct the roof. The installation of the roofing has also been completed, with just a few joints to be completed in some places.
The external finishing works are currently ongoing to present the renovated façades of Riga Castle to the population and visitors of Riga as soon as possible. The weather conditions last October, with record-breaking sub-zero temperatures, were unusual for the month and forced to adjust the schedule of the operations, as quality painting of the façades can be done only when the temperature of the surface is not below +5°C. For this reason, the façade on the side of Pils Laukums (Castle Square) is currently protected by a special cover to be able to carry out the work in bad weather.
During the cold season, the renovation will be most active inside the building, where the renovation of the White Hall (Baltā zāle), the Festive Events Hall (Svētku zāle), and the Ambassadors' Hall (Sūtņu zāle) will continue. The White Hall is having its ceiling framework installed, walls desalinated, the wooden elements of the balconies renovated, and reinforcement of the wall profiles and casting of the decorative gypsum elements have also been commenced. Thermal insulation above the covering of the Festive Events Hall has been completed, and desalination and plastering works are being carried out. Survey for the renovation of the Ambassadors' Hall has been carried out and the suggested methodology for the conservation and renovation has been developed in order to start the wall and ceiling finish renovation operations within the nearest future actively.
The connections of the rainwater removal system will be provided by 18 November (the proclamation of Republic of Latvia) in accordance with the updates to the contract design received in September 2014. Finishing works and construction of the floors are ongoing in the Castle. Work is continuing to renovate the lighting fixtures, furniture, and representation equipment. An average of 220 people are currently involved in the renovation of Riga Castle, and 60-70 additional people are involved in the renovation operations in various workshops throughout Latvia.
Some of the reconstruction experts involved in the construction operation ongoing in Riga Castle are attending the exhibition organised by Leipziger Messe this week in order to improve their expertise with regard to preservation, reconstruction, and renovation   of ancient buildings. International sharing of experience will undoubtedly help the experts to continue the renovation of Riga Castle on outstandingly high levels of quality.