Mock-Up Building of the Latvian National Library

On January 10 the construction site of the Latvian National Library was visited by its architect Gunārs Birkerts to examine the interior details and room views constructed inside the mock-up building of LNB. Mr. Birkerts is the most productive and prominent Latvian architect, who has elaborated design for many construction and reconstruction projects of public buildings – universities, libraries, museums – in many countries.

During the visit architect gave positive comments regarding the completed works and the finishing materials installed in mock-up building, and conceptually approved all the finishing materials.

The area of the new LNB building will be approximately 40 000 square meters, and it will have enough space for 1000 readers. The thirteen-level building will hold 6 500 000 units, and it will service approximately 3000 readers a day.

Interior columns of LNB will be finished with composite materials, walls – with birch veneered timber panels, decorative rail and floor lath of stainless steel, floor will be laid in granite “Nero Africa Impala” copying the mosaic from the building atrium lobby.