Reconstructed barrack opened at the Infantry School

Wednesday, 21 December brought a true Christmas feeling to the Infantry School as the long awaited gift was finally received – the historical barrack building was opened after reconstruction. Now, attendants after their hard work will be able to return to furnished barracks and they won’t have to worry about where to dry out the wet clothing and footwear.

The Infantry School is the first military education institution where all future soldiers, instructors and officers are trained. It gives the first insight into the armed forces. The barracks were built during the first parliamentary period of Latvia in the 1930s and were one of the first sites of Latvian Army in Alūksne. Now the barracks are fully reconstructed in line with the current needs of the National Armed Forces. The façade, roof, windows and doors, as well as the communications are all renovated.

The Minister of Defence Raimonds Bergmanis and the current Commander of the National Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Raimonds Graube participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and together with the management of the Infantry School and the builders cut the ribbon allowing the new cadets to be the first to step into the renovated building.

“RE&RE company and its employees have the professional experience necessary to reconstruct and restore historical buildings. Even though this building is not included in the list of cultural and historical monuments, it could be included in the list of historical monuments of the Latvian army, as the building is almost 100 years old. The building has seen different times and we wish it to hold up for at least another 100 years – in a strong state. And for our brave and selfless soldiers – we wish modern living conditions. I would also like to thank all of those who participated in the construction process for their professional collaboration”, says Arvis Mūrnieks, RE&RE project manager.

The total area of the building is 3331.8 sqm and it is suitable for 200 cadets. During the presentation of the building we learned that the total cost of the construction work was 1.8 million euros. The project included a complete reconstruction of the barrack building, renovation of the building façade, replacement of windows and doors, renewed roof coverage and structures as well as replacement of the existing engineering networks. The premises have been reconstructed and renovated in line with the needs of the National Armed Forces. It also must be noted that the living in the barracks will be “green” – warm water, especially in summer, will be provided by the sun, as there are solar cells fitted on the roof of the barrack. The barrack is completely furnished and commissioned and the new December crop of cadets already made themselves at home on the opening day.

“I am very glad! It is very nice here,” says a cadet from Liepāja, Liene Kriķe, who has just arrived in her new home. “I have always been a patriot, interested in the military, and becoming a soldier has always been my calling,” the young woman explains. She is very happy as her first impression of the Infantry School and Alūksne is a good one.