Reconstructed Saldus Stadium is Solemnly Opened

On 25 September, in a solemn and sportive ceremony the reconstructed Saldus Stadium was opened. The opening ceremony was honoured by the presence of the Chairperson of Saldus Region Council Indra Rassa, the Director General of the construction company RE&RE Didzis Putniņš, representatives of the Latvian Football Federation and the Track and Field Athletics Union of Latvia, as well as other invited guests and inhabitants of the town.

The Director General of the company RE&RE Didzis Putniņš emphasized that it is always pleasure to construct an object with value added, which is, undoubtedly, also the case with Saldus Stadium. Didzis Putniņš stressed that the main goal is to achieve that in this stadium young people can engage in sports, practice, grow, and learn to be strong, determined and persevering.

Since the stadium is crossed by one of the world’s meridians, RE&RE presented to Saldus region a granite plate with engraved coordinates of the meridian – 20º30. The plate can be observed at the stadium entrance.

The stadium reconstruction works were commenced on 1 September 2014, and the total area of the stadium is 14 879.1 m2 (building area is 18 868.51 m2). During the construction process, which was initiated on 1 September 2014, with total costs constituting 3 117 146.41 €, 942 m of power cables, 400 m of water-pipe and almost 1 km of rainwater sewerage and drainage units have been used.