Reconstruction of the 7th block in the Gailezers Hospital successfully completed

RE&RE has concluded reconstruction of the 7th block in the Gailezers Hospital operated by SIA “Rīgas Austrumu klīniskā universitātes slimnīca”. The work was commenced in June 2012. This block contains all radiological and functional diagnostic premises, where patients with heart and vascular conditions can undergo examinations and receive necessary treatment. The total reconstruction area is 2862 m2 and the building volume is 13,466 m3.

The 7th block was formerly a one-storey building with a partially usable technical floor. Reconstruction works included construction of a second floor. The first floor is planned for radiologic diagnostic, i.e., four rooms for angiographs with corresponding auxiliary rooms, as well as a day hospital servicing these rooms. This floor will also have patient examination rooms along with several doctor offices, personnel rooms, changing rooms and hygiene rooms. The second floor will have functional diagnostic rooms and doctor offices, training rooms and other personnel rooms. Furthermore, several functional diagnostic rooms will be placed on this floor and will be grouped along two parallel, interconnected hallways. A patient registration is located at the entrance of this block. Parallel to this area, the third hallway will have several doctors’ offices, training rooms as well as offices, relaxation rooms, changing rooms and hygiene rooms for the personnel of this department. The second floor has a newly built gateway to the existing hospital block.

The facade matches the conceptual solution used in the existing hospital block – the first level exterior is panelled with brick-red facade tiles, while the second level has white decorative structural plastering.

The interior of premises matches functional requirements of each particular room. Rooms requiring high hygienic standards, e.g., angiograph rooms, have a plaster board finish with painted stainless steel coating, while hygiene rooms are finished with wall linoleum. Ceiling finish for rooms requiring high hygienic standards have galvanized metal panels, and other rooms have modular suspended ceiling in combination with plaster board suspended ceiling. Rooms have homogenous polyvinylchloride flooring Tarkett Granit, which does not require any special daily cleaning measures.

The reconstruction works also included laying concrete pavement for the walkway along the end of the block, where two entrances into the building are located. The carriageway here was also renovated with a new bituminous concrete. A belt around the building was built using concrete pavement and the descent into the technical premises in the cellar has been renovated.

A special spacious canopy has been built on the roof to accommodate all the ventilation and cooling systems.

This reconstruction resulted in improved environment for provision of health care services, health services quality and accessibility, as well as rational use of energy resources and creation of adequate environment and microclimate for patients and personnel of the hospital.

The project received support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). ERDF co-financed projects No 3DP/ “Improvement of hospital health care infrastructure for SIA “Rīgas Austrumu klīniskā universitātes slimnīca” through the improvement of health care services quality and cost efficiency” and No 3DP/ “Improvement of the hospital health care infrastructure for SIA „Rīgas Austrumu klīniskā universitātes slimnīca””.