Renovation and reconstruction of the Riga Castle forepart proceed as planned

On May 22, media representatives could assess the current progress in renovation and reconstruction of the Riga Castle forepart. The event was attended by representatives of VAS “Valsts nekustamie īpašumi” as well as constructors – representatives from partnership SBRE formed by construction companies RE&RE and SKONTO Būve. Excursion around the Riga Castle was also attended by 16 creative and curious pupils from Riga, Gulbene, Cesis and Vecumnieki, who had participated in the drawing and quiz contests dedicated to castle reconstruction with the prize being a chance to visit the Riga Castle, when only constructors, renovators and other sector experts are allowed to visit it.

Since the commencement of reconstruction of the Riga Castle forepart in December 2012, the disassembly of partition walls, ceilings, floors and utilities has been completed. Pole strengthening and pole construction is in progress. Also the ceiling, aisle crosspieces and roof construction strengthening is in progress, as well as building of new constructions. The Riga Castle White Hall roof enforcement is still in progress. In the Banquet Hall, which previously was inaccessible to visitors due to its catastrophic state, the flooring strengthening is almost complete.

The renovation of windows and doors started at year-end are still in progress, as is the renovation of furniture and chandeliers. Facade renovation in internal courtyard of the castle has been commenced and will proceed for the entire summer season. Also the extensive works related to construction of new utilities are in progress.

Archaeological excavations are carried our while forepart is undergoing renovation and a foundation is laid. Currently, more than 150 professionals are daily involved in the reconstruction-renovation of the Riga Castle.

Along with constructors, renovators and other construction experts the Riga Castle forepart reconstruction and renovation was attended by winners of the drawing contest “My Riga Castle”. During the excursion creative children also visited the National History Museum of Latvia, learned history of the Riga Castle and examined office of the State President.

The drawing contest “My Riga Castle” included drawings of more than 100 pupils from around Latvia as well as several dozens of answers to tricky quiz question on history of the castle. Drawing authors were asked to share their personal vision on how the Riga Castle would look like after the renovation and reconstruction is completed in 2018. The most drawings came from the Music and Art School of Vecumnieki as well as Gulbene 2nd Secondary School.