RE&RE Commences Works at Block 7 of Hospital Gaiļezers

National Construction Company RE&RE has signed the contract with Rīgas Austrumu Klīniskās Universitātes Slimnīca Ltd. and shall commence reconstruction of the Block 7 of Hospital Gaiļezers at 2 Hipokrāta Street, Riga. Project shall be implemented in 2 stages and the Contract Price is LVL 2.7 million. 85% of the project are financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

The implementation of the project would allow for centralization of radiological and functional diagnostics and treatment for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

As Dr. Māra Epermane, Head of the Centre for Diagnostic Radiology of Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital accents: ‘By now the premises of the invasive radiology, cardiac examinations and functional diagnostics were located in different locations all across the hospital and patients at times had trouble to find the appropriate room. Centralized placement of the premises for cardiovascular examinations and treatment will improve the accessibility of the services to the patients. Furthermore, the premises shall be adjacent to the reception of the Emergency Medicine Clinic ensuring that acute patients promptly receive the necessary assistance.’

Aldis Gulbis, the Technical Director of RE&RE points out that ‘from the point of construction the site is not exceedingly complex, but taking into account the specifics of the construction object and high sanitary requirements it requires special care in regard of room finish. Rooms shall be clad with modular panel system with stainless steel finish that provides for possibility to expose wall structures during operation and to perform the necessary communication repairs or reconstruction. There are only few similar projects implemented in Latvia so far, but we are confident that our experience in other technically more challenging objects would help us to overcome any challenges that might occur during the construction process.”

Reconstruction shall improve the environment for and quality and accessibility of provision of health services and ensure efficient use of resources and proper environment and climate for patients and personnel.

Project is supported by the ERDF.