RE&RE completes the first stage of the Rezekne University Engineering Faculty building construction

On 4 July, the Rezekne University Engineering Faculty opened doors of its new building, which will soon welcome prospective engineering students in new, modern and functionally organized premises. With the project conclusion all the buildings and laboratories of the Rezekne University Engineering Faculty are now combined into single complex. Engineering students, industry researchers and entrepreneurs will benefit from 17 new laboratories with the most advanced equipment in Baltics.

RE&RE started the construction in 2 April 2013 on a land lot (total area – 4.2 hectares) of the Rezekne University by the address Atbrivosanas Alley 115. During first stage the Engineering Faculty study block was constructed to host most Faculty auditoriums and laboratories, a library, administrative premises, and services. Additionally, the spatial planning challenges were addressed – parking spaces were created at the new block, facilities for pedestrians, transport and emergency services were constructed and the surroundings were landscaped. The second stage will see construction of remaining Engineering Faculty auditoriums and laboratories, a main hall, a dining facility, a publishing house and service rooms. It will also mark the completion of campus landscaping.

Three materials dominate the new engineering study block – high quality window systems as well as wood and concrete characteristic to architecture of the Latgale region. The facade wooden veneer has a modern coating, which should protect it from external hazards like sun and moisture, thus considerably prolonging building’s life. With the new multifunctional building placed within a protected heritage site the landscaping involved preservation of existing trees.

The building boasts a state-of-the-art ventilation system, which automatically detects oxygen deficiencies and supplies additional oxygen whenever required. This should make the work of students and teachers truly enjoyable.

“Our work was particularly scrupulous knowing that this university will nurture future construction specialists. We are truly pleased that by taking part in this project we have contributed to emergence of new talents and encouraged healthy competition amongst regional education institutions. For me, as a local, former student, engineer and constructor, it is great honour to make this quality building available to new professionals and teachers,” says Ainars Paunins, the RE&RE Chairman of the Board.

About project
The total funding allocated for this project is 6 789 521 euros, of which 85% are funded by the EBRD, 7.17% are state funds, while 7.83% are contributed by the Rezekne University. With this compact building by the address Atbrivosanas Alley 115, the Rezekne University can ensure effective use of resources and lower maintenance costs. Additionally, this will provide a quality setting both for education purposes and research. Total area of the new Engineering Faculty is 4525 square meters, which includes 1190 square meters of laboratories (ecology and environment protection, physics, electrical engineering, mechatronics). The surroundings cover area of 1887 square meters.