RE&RE is proud to commission the fully completed building of the SRS

On April 17, general contractor RE&RE duly commissioned the new administrative complex of the State Revenue Service (SRS), located in Riga, Talejas Street 1. The project was commissioned with the approval from a state conveyance commission, which noted the high quality of the project and compliance with all the functional requirements.

The building is safe and conforms to all functional and quality standards as confirmed by signatories from all the competent authorities, including the Construction Control Department of the Riga City Construction Board, contracting authority SIA “Biroju centrs Ezerparks”, State Owned Joint Stock Company “Valsts nekustamie īpašumi”, general contractor RE&RE, and project designer SIA “Sarma & Norde arhitekti”.

The project has been recognized for the quality and compliance with regulations of the Republic of Latvia by all respective authorities, as well as AS “Inspecta”, a company specialized in inspection, testing and certification of industrial equipment, products and work environment. “Inspecta” performed a thorough inspection of the SRS new administrative complex and in its final report confirmed that construction design and actual implementation is done in compliance with the Latvian Construction Standard, which stipulates requirements for mechanical strength and stability as well as fire safety requirements.

The project proved to be quite a challenge with its volume, complicated and specific goals defined by the contracting authority along with a number of other project requirements. Both design and construction stages involved motivated need for various adjustments, which, of course, resulted in deadline extensions. The general contractor adjusted the construction to match aspirations of the client.

In strive for perfection RE&RE implemented all the adjustments, including additional ones surfaced during interim reviews. With this in mind, the SRS complex was commissioned on 17 April 2014 as agreed by the client and the general contractor.

The completed and commissioned complex will function as the SRS administrative and coordination centre and will also accommodate several other institutions and agencies supervised by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia.

“Construction is always complicated. You have to face unpredictable corrections and sometimes deal with imperfections to maximize the quality and safety of the project. With the SRS building commissioned RE&RE has proudly completed construction of the largest real estate project in years – total area of the complex by several thousand square meters exceeds area of the new National Library. The SRS and state administration institutions will use this building to accommodate one of the largest data centres in the Baltics.

We are proud to have a job well done. We paid special attention to project safety and quality and ensured meticulous control. We have taken a number of steps to double up safety and quality control exercised by the general contractor already in the project design stage. This must not be neglected since the Zolitude tragedy, and we will ensure that this principle is used in each and every project of RE&RE.

We express our gratitude to SIA “Biroju centrs Ezerparks” for their confidence in us to work on the SRS building,” concludes Ainārs Pauniņš, RE&RE Chairman of the Board.