Restoration and reconstruction of Small (indoor) hall of Dzintari concert hall has been completed.

By solemn handing over of the key of Small (indoor) hall of Dzintari concert hall, received by the chairman of the board of the construction company RE&RE Ainars Paunins (Ainārs Pauniņš) in 2012, back to the mayor of Jurmala Gatis Truksnis, the large-scale restoration and reconstruction works of the historical building have been completed.

Restoration and reconstruction works have provided an opportunity for exploitation of the building, constructed in 1936, not only in summertime, but throughout the year, thereby significantly enriching the cultural life of Jurmala.

During preparation and implementation of the project, all cultural historical values have been preserved and restored. Visually the building looks the same as initially, however, there are constructed two new pavilions. They are located alongside the former ticket office and are connected with the concert hall building through basement. Each pavilion has its own function. One is serving as entrance hall with the main entrance from Turaidas Street, whereas the second pavilion with functions of café and restaurant is located inside the territory. In good weather conditions a direct link with nature can be made by opening glass walls.

The major restoration and reconstruction works were related to construction of the new basement. In total an area of 1200 m2 has been constructed 5 m deep. A newly constructed basement is also completed under the historical building. In order to avoid any damage caused by sinking of the building or changes in support points, the load of the building was transferred to a system of bored piles. Taking into consideration that the newly constructed basement is located 1.5 metres below sea level, also lowering of groundwater level was performed.

Additional 1500m2 have been constructed for needs of Dzintari concert hall, providing makeup rooms for artists, rehearsal hall, wardrobe for visitors, facilities and technical premises, as well as performing replacement and restoration of Art Deco interior of damaged wooden structures. Also the directly adjacent territory of Small hall has been improved.