Ridgepole Celebrations for the First Municipal Social Building in Imanta

On Friday, October 11 the ceremonial ridgepole celebration took place at the first social apartment building at 1A Imantas 8. līnija. It was attended by Andris Ameriks, Vicemayor of Riga , Inga Cerbule, Chairwoman of the Board of Rīgas pilsētbūvnieks Ltd., and Ainārs Pauniņš, Chairman of the Board of construction company RE&RE. Construction works were commenced in May, and they shall be completed in July, 2014.

Social residential buildings located on a land plot of 15 030 m2 significantly differ from similar projects, as they are design specially to fit the needs of old people or people with disabilities. In accordance with the design the 3 buildings shall altogether have 297 single room apartments, including 8 apartments designed andf built specially for people with disabilities. The buildings will also host health centre and social centre.

All apartments shall have full internal finish, whereas the health centre and social services centre shall have finishing that complies with high standards of hygiene and the premises shall be adapted for medical treatment purposes. Projects provides also improvement of adjacent infrastructure – construction of access roads and pedestrian walkways, parking for 124 cars, installation of bicycle stands. The adjacent area shall have several greened areas for rest, children playgrounds and dog-walking area.

The construction works are perfomed according to the set time schedule, and so far the cast in-situ reinforced conrete frame has been completed for one building. It is planned for this month to complete the frame casting also for the rest two buildings. Contractor has commenced the construction of external utilities: the utility networks are connected to the transformer substation and part of the water supply, sewerage and storm sewerage utilities are completed. Company has started the construction of access roads and pedestrian walkways and internal utilities (heating, ventilation and water supply), concrete floor casting and erection of partitions. Also the installation of PVC window structures is under way. It is scheduled to install the heating main in the project area to connect the buildings and start heating. Internal works shall be performed during the winter period, including installation of utilities and finishing.

’I am especially glad for the people, who will receive the keys of the new apartments next summer. There are things that we do routinely, things that bring us joy and enjoyment, however, new apartment is something more. For many people it happens only once in their lifetime, and therefore I am proud that our company has some part in it,’ tells Inga Cerbule, Chairwoman of the Board, Rīgas Pilsētbūvnieks Ltd.

According to Ainārs Pauniņs, Chairman of the Board, RE&RE: ‘for us as builders ridgepole celebration is special event, and in this project it is even more special, as we build home for many socially vulnerable people, who - I am certain of that – will enjoy living in comfortable, contemporary, adapted and improved environment. I am satisfied with the fact that due to the profeesional efforts of all the team onvolved in the project, tha works proceed quickly and in accordance with the schedule of works, and next summer we will be able to hand over the premises to the new residents of the buildings’.