The 2nd stage of water handling facilities development in Jurmala City has been concluded

After one and a half year long construction works the national construction company RE&RE has concluded improvement of water preparation equipment in Jurmala City. Project’s main purpose was improving the quality of delivered water. The closing ceremony was attended by the entire board of SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens”, RE&RE Technical Director Aldis Gulbis, Jurmala City Council Chairman Juris Visockis as well as the Acting Executive Director of the Council and representatives from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

The 2nd stage of the project was commenced in 2009 after the completion of 1st stage. The contract signed by RE&RE and SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens” on improvement of water preparation equipment envisaged that in addition to iron removal station the nanofiltration equipment is installed to reduce the amount of sulphates, calcium and magnesium ions in water resulting in lower water hardness.

As agreed in the contract designing and construction works were carried out and equipment was delivered, installed and tested, because only after adequate results are achieved, the drinking water can be supplied to the system and be delivered to consumers. RE&RE carried out the improvement of drinking water preparation equipment in Kauguri, Dzintari, Jaundubulti and Kemeri, where a complete reconstruction of the building was required.

“Jurmala City is unique with its water handling system – even though drinking water volume required by residents and visitors is sufficient, it’s hardness as well as sulphates and iron ions concentration is relatively high. This project enables us to improve iron removal equipment, install new nanofiltration equipment, reconstruct existing wells and construct new ones, replace existing pumps and technological equipment with more efficient ones, integrate installed water preparation equipment control systems into the control management system as well as perform a number of other infrastructure improvement measures. I’m pleased that thanks to new technologies and our common efforts in this project all residents of Jurmala can have access to top quality drinking water fully complying with the quality directives of the European Union (EU). For us the project means further capacity building for our infrastructure and road construction project team,” says RE&RE Director General Didzis Putniņš.

SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens” Chairman of the Board Vladimirs Antonovs says: “Main purpose of the project on water handling equipment development in Jurmala City is to ensure compliance with the national legislation and EU directives regarding drinking water quality, underground water protection, sewage collection and proper purification as well as efficient use of resources. I appreciate the successful implementation of the first construction contract. However, to ensure that properly prepared drinking water reaches consumers, we need to take the next step of the project and implement expansion of water supply network in various areas of Jurmala City, while constructing domestic sewage network, so that drained sewage can be collected and properly purified as stipulated by the law.”

The total costs for water preparation equipment improvements exceeded LVL 2 million; therefore SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens” applied for receipt of co-funding from the European Union Cohesion Fund, which provided considerable support through compensation of 95% of applicable costs. The remainder was covered by SIA “Jūrmalas ūdens” and the Jurmala City Council.