The cornerstone laid at Saldus Stadium

Today, 12 December, is the day of festive laying of the cornerstone for the renovation of Saldus Stadium, which is a project financed by the Council of Saldus Area and launched on 1 September this year. The construction of the facility, the cost of which is 3,117,146.41 EUR, is expected to be completed on 1 September 2015.

According to the signed contract, the stadium project includes construction and reconstruction of a football field, eight running-tracks, and track-and-field zones. The project includes construction of a 2-storey stand for 352 spectators, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, rooms for coaches/instructors and sports reporters, a building for referees, and construction of the necessary utilities. 3 volleyball courts, a street-ball field, a street gymnastics ground will be constructed, and a recreation area with benches will be provided, including restoration of the bank and the support wall.
The football field will be constructed in accordance with the recommendations issued by the Latvian Football Federation, whereas the coverings of the track-and-field running-tracks and zones will meet the standards established by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Special football field lawn of 7,946 m2 will be provided, 1,999 m2 of lawn within the territory of the stadium will be renovated, and the total of 2,199 m2 of paving-stone pedestrian paths will be provided as part of the construction work.
Along with the message, the capsule contains evidence of today: two gold medals, the flag of the area, and the newspaper Saldus Zeme of Saldus and Brocēni areas.
The current population of Saldus Area is almost 28 thousand. The sports activities plan of the town and the area is very rich, with regular tournaments and competitions in football, basketball, and other types of sport, which confirms the strong necessity for a quality sports stadium.
Indra Rassa, Chairwoman of Saldus Area Council, said the following in her speech: "It is great pleasure that this stadium will be already the second facility of the century in Saldus Area. The first one, Saldus School of Music and Arts, has justified its existence and is a place where people of various generations from Saldus and the adjacent territories meet. I believe the same will happen here. The stadium is an important facility for Saldus Area. It will be suitable for international sports events, and the inhabitants of our area and the adjacent territories will be able to do sports and relax in high-quality environment."
"We are truly happy to provide our input in the building of the sports stadium at Saldus. Our company is a long-term supporter of sports events, we have always been active in sports ourselves, and, for this reason, we are interested and sure of a successful outcome. We hope that the new stadium will facilitate the sports spirit in the area, encourage the inhabitants to be physically active and enjoy sports activities both as participants and spectators. We are sure that already on 1 September next year, the reconstructed and modern stadium will be ready to welcome the young people of Saldus schools and everyone who likes sports," says Didzis Putniņš, RE&RE Board Member.

The total area of the stadium is 14,879.1 m2, but the size of the construction area is 18,868.51 m2.