The external finishing work at Riga Castle about to complete

The external finishing work at Riga Castle is approaching its completion rapidly, and the construction of the permanent roofing of Riga Castle will be finished already within the next few days. Every inhabitant of Riga will be able to evaluate the completed facade finish visually during the upcoming national holidays on 11 and 18 November.

The building has undergone complete renovation of its utilities and renovation of 90% of the windows of Riga Castle, and the internal improvement work is currently ongoing. The White Hall of Riga Castle is having its caissons installed, walls desalinated, other preparation work performed before plastering, and preparation of the decorative element patterns. The wooden elements of the balconies are currently being renovated, and the restoration of the three chandeliers in the White Hall has been completed. The pre-renovation work has been completed in the Ambassadors' Hall: analysis of the current condition of the walls and ceiling, sampling of paint layers and plastering, taking photos to document the current condition of the walls in the hall, and stratigraphic testing.
To reveal the original layer of the wall painting by Ansis Cīrulis, top wall paint layer removal tests, original wall painting layer cleansing tests, and hard-surfacing tests for the original paint layer of the wall painting have been performed. The pre-operative stage of the renovation in the Ambassadors' Hall completes with the development of detailed methodology of the renovation work. The Festive Events Hall (Svētku zāle) has had its floor slab panels reinforced, thermal insulation materials are being installed in the covering and the wall plastering work has been commenced.
Experts of Otto Richter GmbH from Germany were hired to deal with the high moisture content in the structural elements. Their task was to reduce the moisture content and to disinfect the areas of mildew within the castle. The work was successfully completed on 20 August 2014, and the renovation was continued. It is coordinated in Riga Castle by Vladislav Tyurin, a renovator of RE&RE's, who also successfully acquired the job skills of the German partners. Having evaluated the efficiency of the applied equipment and methods, and in anticipation of further application of these innovative measures in the future, the owners of RE&RE decided to support the purchase of the "starter kit" of the specific equipment and measuring tools. In future, the employees of RE&RE will be able to identify the areas of potentially high moisture content themselves, and use the procured equipment to dry the moist structural elements and, when necessary, disinfect individual rooms or entire facilities.
Use of these tools and equipment requires practical usage experience, which RE&RE Renovator Vladislav Tyurin and Assistant Work Superintendent Māris Ikerts acquired with the support of Otto Richter GmbH in Berlin on 11 and 12 November. The theoretical part of the training was conducted by Ingo Thümler, Manager of Otto Richter GmbH. During the training, the experts improved their expertise and acquired new knowledge regarding the causes of damage by moisture/humidity, as well as acquired the principles of operation and practical application of various measuring tools and systems. The second day of the training was devoted to practical application of the newly acquired knowledge and skills at the sites by making real field trips with the German colleagues.
An average of 220 people are currently involved in the renovation of Riga Castle, and 60-70 additional people are involved in the renovation operations in various workshops throughout Latvia.