The first progress inspection in the main building of the Latvian National Museum of Art

RE&RE Director General Didzis Putniņš, Riga City Council Property Department Director Oļegs Burovs and Latvian National Museum of Art (LNMA) Director Māra Lāce invited mass media to attend the first progress inspection scheduled for May 22.

Accompanied by journalists, the progress was reviewed by the top management of the Riga City Council, teachers and students from the Riga Technical University, members of the Latvian Association of Civil Engineers and the Latvia Association of Architects, as well as students and teachers from the Riga Building College and the Riga Secondary School of Construction.

The attendees could examine both the work performed within the foundation pit – the construction site of the new building – and the work performed within the old building. The foundation pit is gradually becoming a new building – main axes have been marked, a new temporary support wall from double-T profiles and wooden beams has been constructed, the old heating main located within the construction project site has been disassembled and other work has been performed.

The ground floor and the dome area is undergoing disassembly work – walls, floors, ceilings are disassembled to prepare for renovation of dome and roof as well as enforcement of foundation with injection posts and under-floor channel concreting.
And the last but not the least – for the entire duration of construction works the museum building and several surrounding buildings are monitored for any newly formed cracks.

The renovation process is currently in active preparation stage with professional masters and specialists participating. Photographic images of interior, historical objects and furniture have been taken prior to commencing the renovations, and samples have been tested in a laboratory. Six wall paintings have been studied, they have been partially conserved, a council of experts have been called upon to coordinate the renovation methodology, and the wooden panelling has been studied and partially purified. The architectonic and artistic research is performed on the interior on floors 2 and 3, scaffolds have been placed around the dome and renovation of the museum’s wooden dome has been initiated. The renovation of halls is planned after main linking elements and roofing is completely replaced, which is scheduled for the autumn this year.

This summer will see roof removed from the old museum building after a temporary roof with scaffolds and a tent has been installed. Afterwards, a metal construction (roofing, roof beams) will be installed followed by a concreting and construction of the new roof. The building interior will repeatedly undergo episodic disassembly works, enforcement and concreting of constructions, as well as workshop based renovation of several elements like chandeliers, panels, window leafs, handrails and others.

The next visit to check the progress of museum reconstruction, renovation and construction is scheduled for October. Until then, the art lovers can delight at the reproductions of artworks displayed on the museum’s construction fence.

The contract on reconstruction, renovation and construction of LNMA was signed on 22 January between the Riga City Council Property Department and RE&RE. Estimated costs are LVL 24 million, of which LVL 15 million are allocated by the Riga City Council, LVL 8 million are funding of the European Union, while LVL 1.2 million are state funds. The entire construction is planned for completion in the middle of 2015.

Watch LNMA construction process online.