The Riga Castle is Undergoing Busy Reconstruction

As the Riga Castle reconstruction is progressing, the main task at hand is to dry and disinfect the building’s drenched structures and best German specialists are assisting with this task. The planned completion date of the Riga Castle reconstruction is 1 November 2015.

SBRE (partnership of Skonto Būve and RE&RE) and “Valsts nekustamie īpašumi” have signed an additional agreement and the number of specialists involved in the project has been increased. Currently, there are 160 specialists working on-site while 90 more are working in workshops around Latvia – they are restoring various items for the purposes of the Riga Castle.

Eastern annex is now undergoing foundation strengthening and paling construction works. This was suspended to allow adjustments to the project when historical structures were discovered. Meanwhile the ceiling beam prosthesis and strengthening is almost complete.

In the castle-front, bearing structures are constructed over the northern part of the Riga Castle Convent. Construction of bearing structures over the Front Staircase are still in progress, while over the Festival Hall – have just started. Additionally the Press Department building is undergoing clay tile roofing replacement.

With the help of specialists from the German company Otto Richter Gmbh – Die Feuchteklinik the work has been started to address the main challenge – drying and disinfection of walls drenched during the fire in the Riga Castle. The disinfection has been completed in the Main Staircase, the Front Staircase, the Hall of Coats of Arms, the Blue Foyer and the White Hall.

The prosthesis of floor beams has been completed in the White Hall and now the hall is undergoing restoration. As soon as the drying process is completed more restoration experts will work on-site.

Currently, engineering network risers and mains have been installed and the utilities (heating, ventilation, water main, sewerage, internal electricity network and low-intensity electricity networks) in the castle-front have been connected.

Various workshops around Latvia are working to restore castle windows – completion is planned for this autumn. Meanwhile the inner doors and ringwall fence is still undergoing restoration, but restoration of paintings in the Festival Hall has already been completed.
The workshops are also working on restoration of chandeliers, furniture and representation facilities and are also creating replicas for items that have ready projects or prototypes.

As the summer has come, so has the landscaping of castle gardens – it has started with the pavement of paths. In the autumn the Riga Castle facade and window restoration will be completed and also the permanent roofing will be constructed.