Three new social service apartment buildings with 287 apartments and a health centre in Imanta from today. The first tenants receive the keys.

Three new social service apartment buildings, Health Centre Imanta, Riga Social Service Territorial and Daytime Centre  have been opened at Imantas 8. līnija 1A in Riga at 14:00 today, 24 July. The construction of the facility was commenced in August 2012 by the Partnership RE&RE un Dārti. The construction has been completed and the buildings have been commissioned. The first six tenants received the keys of their apartments today.

"The Imanta project is special for us. We have been saying right from the first day of the project that the focus in it must be on the human being. The finished complex clearly proves this. We are proud that we have had this opportunity to build specifically social service apartment buildings, as this way we have provided our input in securing the rights of socially unprotected families to comfortable living conditions.  All the buildings and public areas, as well as the territory with all amenities, have been built so that they can be fully accessed by people with movement disorders. All the required as well as additional tests and examinations, plus an independent expert examination, were carried out to avoid any deficiencies. The reports for all of these tests and examinations were positive. Already at the ridgepole celebration in October last year, we promised that the first tenants of these buildings would receive their keys. We are happy that the first tenants of the apartments receive their keys today," says Ainārs Pauniņš, RE&RE Chairman of the Board.

About the project
The facility consists of three (five-, six-, and seven-storey) multiple-apartment residential buildings with social service apartments, Health Centre Imanta, Riga Social Service Territorial Centre, and Riga Social Service Daytime Centre. The total area of the territory is 15,030 m2, and the construction area is 3,245.20 m2.  All the three buildings are of in-situ reinforced concrete with in-situ walls and intermediate concrete slabs. To visually improve the long sections of the buildings, belts and areas painted in various colours have been used for the horizontal and vertical division of the façades.
The buildings house the total of 287 apartments and one group of 14 single-room apartments for individuals with mental disorders. One of the buildings contains 8 single-room apartments tailored to the needs of people with movement disorders.
80 parking places and places for bicycles are provided in the territory. Several greened recreation areas as well as grounds for sports activities (table games) and children's playgrounds have been built for the inhabitants.
The Imanta health centre contains a swimming-pool room for infants, which has a bath-type pool for infants in it.

Environmental accessibility adaptations
Environmental accessibility adaptations are provided throughout the territory and in the buildings by building adequately wide pedestrian paths, slopes (ramped approaches) at the places where a path crosses an access drive, there are no thresholds or steps at the entrances to the dwelling parts of the buildings (entrance vestibules and staircases). In the staircases, the lift doors are provided on the same level as the entrance floor, and the dimensions of the lift cabin are sufficient for wheelchair access.
The requirements established for accessibility to the environment have been respected in all the buildings, i.e., there are adequately wide entrance doors, passages, common room doors with no thresholds in them. Riga Social Service Centre and the Imanta health centre have sanitary conveniences with equipment for individuals with movement disorders.
The common passages in all the three residential buildings with the social service apartments have handrails along the walls (grip bars for people with movement disorders). The lights are actuated by movement sensors.