Zirgu Pasts Begins New Life Cycle After Reconstruction

National construction company RE&RE has completed reconstruction and restoration works at the  Theatre Study Base of Department of Theatre and Audiovisual Arts of Latvian Academy of Culture (LKA) Zirgu Pasts (Horse Post Station), constructed on 1826, derives its name from the adjacent horse post station building still decorated by two horse-heads.

The wooden part of the building was built on relatively high plinth in a form of U, and on 1912 the building was extended along the Dzirnavu Street by the masonry part. General facade finish was characteristic to the historicism period, with lush decorations, plinth was clad with red bricks. Brick wall was initially painted and only then decorated with white “joints”.

The historical layout of the building provided for well-lit living premises on the Ground and 1st Floors, and fairly lit auxiliary premises. On 1939 association Latvian National Women's League (Latvju sieviešu nacionālā līga) requested the experts of construction board to evaluate the premises of the building at 46 Dzirnavu Street, where they planned to hold parties and social gatherings, and the building was adapted for the particular needs. During this time period stage with a portal was built in one room of the Ground Floor, and many small rooms connected to form larger ones. All the internal doors of the building are produced in one time period, but their design differs. There are 5 design types for doors and 10 design types for windows.

Artisans of RE&RE commenced reconstruction and restoration works at Zirgu Pasts in Summer, 2011. The project had many challenges as it covered not only renovation of a fairly old house, but also adaptation thereof to specific needs. During this period the historic landmark has undergone significant changes. In the course of reconstruction works the building was adjusted for use by people with impaired movement; the building was also supplemented by an extension. Works provided also for preservation of the wooden architectural elements and the historical value of the building, by restoring the architectural details. The facade on Dzirnavu Street shall be renovated to fit the authentic wooden architecture, including the shutters that have been lost.

The largest and the most necessary is the multifunctional hall on the Ground floor with area of 150m² and height of two floors. Now LKA can be proud of the only building in the whole history of Latvia that is suitable for training of prospective theatre actors and directors, and choreographers of contemporary dance. Now Zirgu Pasts has gained new effigy, still maintaining its charm and aura. It was achieved by integration of historic architectural features into modern design elements.

Building was designed by Arhitektu Birojs Krasts Ltd.. Construction supervision was effected by Forma 2 Ltd. Project was managed by Sanda Putirska.

Project is implemented with the assistance of European Regional Development Fund within the Operational Programme for 2007-2013 ‘Infrastructure and Services’ Priority 3.1 ‘Infrastructure for strengthening human capital’ Arrangement 3.1.2 ‘Infrastructure for higher education’ Activity Sub-activity ‘Modernisation of premises and equipment of institutions of higher education, including, provision of possibility to master educational programmes also to the persons with reduced mobility’.

Photos from the Opening Ceremony.

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Video about the Opening Ceremony you can see here (in Latvian version).