Light up for Free Latvia!

In January 2018, a stained glass window – glass sculpture dedicated to the events of the barricades of 1991 will be opened in Riga Dome Cathedral Chapel of Maria. The stained glass is a gift to the church from the donors, association “Ascendum” and “Rīgas Doma pārvalde” marking the centenary of Latvia. Currently, the final placement works are carried out.


The stained-glass project development took five years, ensuring its implementation according to the highest quality, safety and artistic standards. New technologies and cutting-edge solutions have allowed for creating a unique artwork in the church architecture of Latvia and the world and it is currently being installed in the aisle of the Dome Cathedral Chapel of Maria. The construction company RE&RE will integrate the stained glass into the walls of the centuries-old building while taking into consideration the principles of the preservation of cultural monuments and installation of new artwork.

The Riga Dome and the Dome Square has a special importance in the history of the Latvian state. The Dome has witnessed wars, changes of the political regimes, including the establishment and renewal of the independence of the state. The Dome Cathedral is an important cultural and historical monument which holds the history of Latvia and its cultural heritage through the centuries. Up to now, the Dome has held historical testimonies from the German and Swedish period, but there have been no commemorative marks of the later period of the free Latvia.