RE&RE is completing construction work at the commercial centre “Galleria Riga”

The enterprise RE&RE is completing the large scope and complicated construction works on the shopping centre “Galleria Riga” that is located in the quarters of the very heart of the capital city between Dzirnavu, Blaumana, Brivibas and Terbatas Streets. The construction works were begun at the beginning of 2008 by RE&RE. “Galleria Riga” was designed by the architects’ office “Poga, Sarma and Norde”. The project is financed by Nordea Bank.

Chairman of the Board of RE&RE Ainārs Pauniņš admits that “with the great satisfaction the construction works are being completed at this successful project in the very centre of the capital city, were our team had a chance to show our professional knowledge and capabilities – implement modern and functional, integrating it in the historical environment. Thanks to the successful team work – by architects, constructors, project clients and investors – we have created another pearl of the architecture, we can be proud of and delight Riga inhabitants and the guests!”

This construction project is unique, that such large scale object had to be integrated in the tight city environment, therefore required professional approach and for the particular object developed building solutions.  The shopping centre is located in the closed quarters in the centre of Riga, in one of the busiest pedestrian and traffic areas.

During the construction process the historic facade on Dzirnavu Street was fixed and organically integrated in the new architectural form.

In the construction of the centre special materials and solutions were used. For example, in roof covering the commissioned planks from Africa with high humidity tolerance qualities were used, that are important in our climate conditions. The shopping centre has the glass roof that will be illuminated during the dark part of the day with energy effective LED bulbs of different colours.

On the two underground levels of the centre, with total area of 41 thousand square meters, the spacious parking lot is located.  In the construction of the parking lot the exclusive “top-down” method was used. This method is used, in the places with high groundwater levels and the limited possibilities to perform ground works in wide areas, thus reducing the construction time and increasing the effectiveness. The fundaments are built by first building the fundamental slabs and then deepening the fundaments and groundwater downwards.

Chairman of the Board of Patollo  Petter Johnsen: “I am looking forward to the opening of the centre with great satisfaction - seeing the architectural piece of art that will supplement the Riga historical centre.  In general the project was a challenge for everybody involved and I am pleased that we worked in a good team of professionals in their fields –  Nordea Bank in financing area and RE&RE in the construction field. But now, when it is close to the opening – I can say with confidence – the life is going upwards  - and Riga`s inhabitants, guests and the city itself has gained another well planned, well built and well developed project that from now on will live it`s life as the place to meet and enjoy.”

“Galleria Riga” will pleasantly surprise their visitors with modern interiors of architectural quality – natural and artificial marble floors, timber and brass finish, fountain and art noveau elements. The visitor flow will be directed between the floors by elevators, which will have the rational planning allowing not to change the walking direction within three floors.

“Galleria Riga” is built according to the same principles as commercial centre “Galleriet” Bergen (Norway), which is successfully functioning already for 20 years.