Construction of Rezekne University Faculty of Engineering


Construction of Rezekne University Faculty of Engineering


The Rezekne University


Atbrivosanas Alley 115, Rezekne



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The construction will be performed in two stages. The first stage of construction works will involve creation of the Engineering Faculty study block (the majority of faculty auditoriums and laboratories, library, university administrative premises as well as technical services) and resolution of territorial planning issues – construction of parking places for the new block, creation of facilities for pedestrians, transport and emergency services, as well as landscaping the territory. During second stage the remaining auditoriums and laboratories, main hall, dining facility, publications facility and technical premises of the Engineering and Economy and Management Faculty will be created. Also the entire territory will be landscaped.

Three materials will be used for building finish – high quality window systems as well as wood and concrete characteristic to the architecture of Latgale.

The new multifunctional building will be located within a protected heritage site. As the area surrounding the construction site has trees, some of which exceed 40 centimetres in diameter, they will be left unscathed during the entire construction.



Works at Engineering Faculty of Rēzekne College Progressing at Significant Pace

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RE&RE completes the first stage of the Rezekne University Engineering Faculty building construction

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