Renovation of the Riga Cathedral"s church and cloister ensemble


Renovation of the Riga Cathedral"s church and cloister ensemble


Doma Square 1, Riga

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Reconstruction and renovation

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In summer 2011, RE&RE commenced reconstruction and renovation of the Riga Cathedral – the largest medieval church in the Baltics. RE&RE professionals – more than 100 masters – had to follow complex technical procedures to renovate the Cathedral’s roofing.

Project envisaged renovation of the Cathedral’s northern and southern transept, roofing above the choir pews, facade and windows, including stained-glass windows, and also the clock gallery. The new life was given not just to the old premises – priest hall, baptistery and sacristy, but also to facade stone walls with a total area exceeding 5,000 square meters.

Less than a year was needed to perform a careful renovation of wooden constructions. First, the roof construction was lifted and supported, then all decayed beam parts were cut out and replaced with new custom-made wooden constructions. The copper coating of the nave had a very diverse historical background. The side facing Doma Square had copper roof coating dating back to 1727. However, it was in critical state and renovators had to replace it. Only the roof pinnacles over the nave did not need the copper coating replacement.

The Riga Cathedral facade was also renovated during the reconstruction works. Deterioration of mineral stone materials used for facade is caused by water wash-outs and environmental pollution. Specially prepared mortar was used for renovation of facade seams, plaster, bricks and natural stone.

One of the most prominent features of Riga Cathedral interior is stained-glass windows. They were installed in the Gothic windows of the Cathedral at the end of the 19th century when in 1885 the Riga Cathedral Building Section of the Riga Society of Researchers of History and Ancient Times started major reconstruction and renovation works. Stained-glass windows are the top-notch professional achievement with a rich range of colours and techniques perfectly fit in the interior and have become an integral part of the Cathedral. With the completed renovation they now have recovered their initial looks for the delight of visitors.

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