The National Library of Latvia


The National Library of Latvia


The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia


Mukusalas Street 3, Riga

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Construction of the National Library of Latvia is worked on by the three most experienced Latvian construction companies – SIA “RE&RE”, AS “RBSSKALS” and SIA “Skonto būve”, which have already implemented several large scale projects of national importance. Construction of the National Library is one of the largest and technologically most advanced projects in the history of Latvia; therefore it is an honour to participate in this project as well as testimony of our professional capabilities. This project shows that Latvians themselves are capable of fulfilling their symbolic dream of the Palace of Light and are doing that with love and respect for cultural heritage.

  • The construction site of the National Museum of Latvia covers area of 8,590 square metres.
  • The combined length of paling is 9 kilometres.
  • Total building area is 40,455 square metres.
  • Building volume is 263,000 cubic metres.
  • Volume of steel used is 5,400 tons.
  • Total length of engineering networks is 518 kilometres.
  • The building height is 68,3 metres and its glass facade area is 17,500 square metres.
  • Roughly 9,500 lamps will be used in the Library.


Mock-Up Building of the Latvian National Library

The Castle of Light Completed

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