The Small (covered) Hall of the Dzintari Concert Hall


The Small (covered) Hall of the Dzintari Concert Hall


The Jurmala City Council


Turaidas Street 1, Jurmala


SIA “Jaunromāns un Ābele”

Object type

Reconstruction and renovation

Year of commissioning


Construction status


The reconstruction and renovation of the Small (covered) Hall of the Dzintari Concert Hall was commenced in October 2012 and is to be completed by autumn 2014.

The Small (covered) Hall was built in 1936 and can accommodate more than 500 spectators. It is a significant historical wooden building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. The tripartite wooden building is designed by architects Viktors Mellenbergs and Aleksandrs Birznieks and its facade features national romanticism theme. Since its construction, the building did not undergo any fundamental repairs.

The Dzintari Concert Hall has always played an important role in the resort’s cultural life. Furthermore, various international festivals and concerts held here have bestowed it with a wide recognition outside of Latvia making it a strong stand-alone brand. The Hall is one of the most important objects in Jurmala resort, and giving a new, modern image for this beautiful building has been long overdue.

The design author is architecture bureau “Jaunromāns un Ābele”. The solutions used propose preservation and renovation of all cultural heritage valuables. Visual image of the building will remain the same, yet two new pavilions will be constructed. Pavilions will be located next to the existing ticket booths and will connect to the building of the concert hall through basement and a new glassed hallway that will replace the existing pergola. Each pavilion has its own function – one will serve as the entry hall for the main entrance on Turaida Street. The second pavilion with a cafe and restaurant will be located within the premises. Both pavilions will be connected by a hallway, which allows detaching them from each other. After the reconstruction and renovation the Small (covered) Hall of the Dzintari Concert Hall can be used all year-round, considerably enriching the city’s cultural life.



Dzintari Concert Hall Ready for the New Season

Dzintari concert hall is visited by representatives of foreign press

Final construction operations in Dzintari Concert Hall to continue this autumn

Restoration and reconstruction of Small (indoor) hall of Dzintari concert hall has been completed.

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