RE&RE as the main contractor provides exhaustive services in the fields of construction, reconstruction and restoration, as well as infrastructure improvement (water supply utilities, sewerage, roads).

RE&RE is company that has comprehensive experience and resources necessary to implement complex restoration projects. Specialists and craftsmen of the RE&RE team are long-term members of the Association for Restoration and continuously perfect their skills and knowledge and local and international workshops and seminars. The workmanship of the restorers of RE&RE is acknowledged also outside Latvia, inter alia during the restoration project at Oslo University.

In accordance with the purpose and concept of the project RE&RE provides:

  • services of the main contractor – professional management of construction projects;
  • proper development and control of the plan for performance of works and the time schedule;
  • project assessment and analysis;
  • advice and assistance in relation to land purchase;
  • elaboration and coordination of architectural and technical design;
  • dealing with the applications for permits and other state and municipality related formalities.