Our company  has significant role in implementation of the restoration projects. More then 10 years we have united and developed team of experienced craftsmen able to perform high-quality restoration works and general construction works at various construction sites.

Our goal is to provide high quality services of reconstruction and restoration of historical buildings in accordance with the wishes and needs of the clients, based on immutable respect towards aesthetically, historically and emotionally significant values of cultural heritage.

Today we have a wide production base, which allows us to restore or manufacture new products of any kind of artistic restoration needs.

The most valuable asset are our employees – master craftsmen of Latvian Chamber of Craft, certified restorers – professional and competent specialists with comprehensible experience in construction and restoration. They are best characterized by experience and responsible and respectful attitudes towards their work. Today we have a team of 100 professionals, best specialists of their trade.

Company offers restoration and reconstruction works of monumental decorative painting and sculpture in historical buildings, as well as monuments. We also provide interior and exterior decorative sculpture works, elaboration of facade elements starting from the very idea to the implementation in the material chosen. We are experienced in sign painting, decorative finish, restoration and production of artificial marble and wooden imitation paintings and gilding and bronzing of different surfaces.